Onlinebiz is a online marketing and social media consultancy agency, a fountain of ideas.

Onlinebiz was founded by Jeroen Ruisch who is one of the first graduates of the eMarketing (NIMA eMarketing B) study, scaled on level 6 (Marketing Manager) by the European Marketing Confederation. For more info about Jeroen, see his linkedin profile.

How to interact with my clients? How to reach my clients? How to manage my brand? More than ever these questions are important. Internet is not owned anymore by companies spreading their commercial messages, the internet is owned by the prosumer. We all decide where we seek the news, which products we recommendate, how we spread the buzz and which products we buy by trusted peer-to-peer connections, public opinions and reviews. New strategies are necessary, based on the 4 C’s;

  • Costs

  • Communication with the company

  • Customer needs and wants

  • Customer convenience



Development of social media strategies. What kind of strategy is the most applicable and useful one for your company? The best mix of channels will be chosen, each channel with it's own strategy and engagement goal, meanwhile the social dots will connect each other in a social network.


Online marketing is moving fast, but optimizing your site for SEO will always be important. We will help you with optimizing your site for the long term and set up Adwords campaigns for the short term. A significant part for this strategy is content which complies with Google’s mission.


Are you just about to start your own site or webshop and you don’t know where to start? Think big, but start small! Together we will develop a strategy for your site, we make sure your knowledge will be converted to relevant content, we will check your budget for advertising and we will set up a social media plan for you.

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